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The Oulu instance of Citysec.


If you’re interested in organizing one, please holler at Mattermost, Signal or ping mutjake (iki.fi).

Past meetups

Fri 22.3.2024 17:00 informal meetup at Oluthuone Leskinen

Mon 9.10.2023 18:00 informal meetup at Teerenpeli cabinette

Wed 15.3.2023 17:00 Meetup hosted by Remod

Wed 1.2.2023 17:00 @ Pub Rooster

Wed 18.3.2020 17:00 hosted by Synopsys:

Wed 12.2.2020 17:00

Wed 15.1.2020 17:00

Tue 3.12.2019 17:00

Tue 5.11.2019 17:00 Meetup hosted by Solita:

Tue 1.10.2019 (Hack After Dark afterski) @ Pub Rooster

Wed 4.9.2019 @ Pub Rooster

Come chat with us

Head to CitySec chat and join the OuluSec channel 👌

There’s also #oulusec @ IRCnet if you’re so irclined (sic).

Twitteri (sic)


We also have a signal group, contact e.g. Mutjake for invite.

CitySec siblings <3